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Project Description
AutoCAD to FDS ( Fire Dynamics Simulator ) bridge. Plugin provides possibility to convert AutoCAD geometry to FDS format, automate calculation in FDS and view calculation results in AutoCAD. 
You are welcome to view AutoCAD to FDS Presentation (approx 4Mb).

Some simple geometry samples.

Status: Looking for a sponsor.
We are open for donations. Help us to improve the project.



Plugin's Menu


Plugin Options


Converting Geometry

Step 1: Open required drawing

Step 2: Click "Start calculation" button in plugin menu. In Calculation Info window set Output Path and Calculation Time parameters.

Calculation Info

Tip: if you just want to check if geometry is converted correctly you can set Calculation Time parameter to "0".

Step 3: Select objects you want to convert and press Enter.

Wait while our engine convert all geometry.

Conversion progress

Step 4: Results Viewing

To view results navigate plugin menu and click 'View Results in SmokeView' menu item. Open File dialog will appear. Select required *.smv file. Selected file will be opened in AutoCAD.




Our Donors:

 Donation Date      Donor Name                        Donation amount      
Jan 29, 2012 Alena Hrykhanava     1 $
Jan 29, 2012 Aliaksandr Kanaukou     1 $

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